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Welcome to my site! Here you'll find information on things ranging from health to finances to just fun and interesting topics! Because it's my blog, it will contain things that I experience, am interested in, or passionate about. Hopefully they will interest you too! Along the way, you will get to know more about me, and I hope I get to know more about you! We may share some laughs, and maybe even a few tears along the way. As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias, "My favorite emotion is laughter through tears". Subscribe today so you can keep up with the posts! ~ Debra

The Extra Special Gift

I can’t tell you how excited I am about “The Extra Special Gift”  yes you know the one.  The one that oh me…can’t believe I got the extra special gift!!  The gift is for my husband, Jerry.  Probably the most difficult person to buy for. Now don’t get me wrong, he loves everything you get him, but it is hard to find that “special something” for him.  Well, this year is the year that he gets the BEST gift ever.  Many years ago his mom gave him an old falling part, rusty trunk. We have had it for Continue Reading

Debra’s Pecan Pie

Debra’s Pecan Pie This is the easiest Pecan Pie and yet I get more compliments on this recipe!   I will tell you a story on this Pecan Pie…. I got the recipe from Audrey Jones, one of the most elegant and beautiful ladies you would ever meet.  Ms. Audrey was a member of the Palestine CP Church, in Palestine, AR where my husband pastored.  I told Ms. Audrey how much I loved her pie recipe and she told me that she baked it for her family one year and everyone loved it and raved about how wonderf Continue Reading

The Greatest Gift

I check my e-mail everyday, and I received an e-mail yesterday from our good friend, Buddy Smith, Vice President of AFA, who was sending me an e-mail that he had received at the radio station.  Pictured: Buddy Smith, Vice President of AFA, and his lovely wife Carol DEAR AFA….. This is not a prayer request but I don't see another option for contacting you. We are vacationing in Branson, MO. We ate breakfast today at Denney's. How delighted I was to see the waitress staff wearing your Continue Reading