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Welcome to my site! Here you'll find information on things ranging from health to finances to just fun and interesting topics! Because it's my blog, it will contain things that I experience, am interested in, or passionate about. Hopefully they will interest you too! Along the way, you will get to know more about me, and I hope I get to know more about you! We may share some laughs, and maybe even a few tears along the way. As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias, "My favorite emotion is laughter through tears". Subscribe today so you can keep up with the posts! ~ Debra

No Gym? No Problem! Add Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

  Although it’s becoming clear that the world is moving in a much needed, health-conscious direction, we are all still just as busy, if not busier than ever. Always moving from one place to another, keeping up with meeting times, appointments, and other scheduled engagements makes it near impossible to get to the gym. When we are lucky enough find the time, it still seems like a daunting task. Balanced nutrition is fantastic, but exercise, too, plays a crucial element in maintaining health Continue Reading

Top 6 Home-Based Businesses

Working from home allows people the chance to set their own rules, follow their dreams and be their own boss. The opportunity to be as creative or as laid back as you want in a personal environment is very desirable. I should know because I have taken the leap to working at home. Home-based businesses are not for "lazy" people. Most small businesses, and even those that have grown into large corporations, started in a home office. Plus, with not many overhead costs, it can be much cheaper to do Continue Reading