Debra’s Pecan Pie

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Debra’s Pecan Pie

This is the easiest Pecan Pie and yet I get more compliments on this recipe!   I will tell you a story on this Pecan Pie…. I got the recipe from Audrey Jones, one of the most elegant and beautiful ladies you would ever meet.  Ms. Audrey was a member of the Palestine CP Church, in Palestine, AR where my husband pastored.  I told Ms. Audrey how much I loved her pie recipe and she told me that she baked it for her family one year and everyone loved it and raved about how wonderful the pie was and her sister piped up and said well…. you just got the recipe from the back of the corn syrup bottle!!

I hope you too enjoy and it becomes one of your family favorites.



1 cup sugar                            ¼ cup oleo melted

¾ c white corn syrup            1 cup pecans, chopped

3 eggs                                     1 tsp vanilla

1 Pillsbury rolled pie crust


Beat eggs with a mixer til foamy






Add sugar and mix again, pour in corn syrup and mix. 


Add oleo, pecans, and vanilla.


I also test my pecans to make sure they are fresh and I also check them for hulls.


Pour into unbaked pie crust.  Bake at 325@ until set in middle.

(the degrees on your oven can be adjusted higher to 350….my oven browns the crust before the pie is done)



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