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Are You Struggling to Lose Weight?
I did too!
This is me at my biggest weight, and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom. I felt like I was never going to lose the weight.

I had tried every diet you can imagine.
Anyone remember the cabbage soup diet?”All you can eat” cabbage soup diet? Diet Pills?Slim Fast? (By the way Slim fast taste greatwith 2 scoops of choc ice-cream!!) Grapefruit diet? You name it – I had tried it.

Then, a friend showed me Plexus Slim. It was a little packet that looked like crystal light,and she told me to simply put in a bottle of water: shake it, drink it, and you can lose weight!

I thought, “Get out of here! No way that would work!”But since I had sucker written across my forehead, and I had tried all kind of crazy things, I thought, “Why not?”

I showed Plexus to my husband Jerry, and he decided to try it with me. At that time he was taking 4 shots of insulin a day due to his diabetes.
3 weeks later (taking Plexus Slim)


I had not only lost weight, but I had lost inches! AND… Jerry’s blood sugar was getting lower!

I was getting excited! I thought, “Maybe this little packet will work!”
Friends began asking what I was doing to lose weight.I told them about Plexus Slim and sent them to my website, and then they start drinking the Slim! Then they start losing weight and inches!

My friends started telling their friends about Plexus Slim, and I started getting checks from Plexus! Suddenly I was getting paid to lose weight! That’s a first!!

I have lost 65 lbs and 5 dress sizes.
My husband Jerry is off all 4 insulin shots
…and I have a great business!!

Friends, if you are struggling like I was, stop. Take the plunge and join me. and let’s get off the Diet Merry Go Round for good.
Let me help! I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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