God’s Treats…Isn’t it Time to Thank Him?

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Big or small, the point is…have YOU thanked God for all of “His Treats?”

Yesterday, as I was going to Tupelo through West point, I saw an old house being refurbished. The house had a dog trot, rockers, and a swing. In fact, it seemed to call you “to come and sit a spell.”


I am sure the house holds many memories for the folks who lived in it. And of course, that got me to thinking about my childhood memories. One that stands out in my mind is about my sister, Shirley. You see, Saturday was the day Mom went to town. We were to stay and clean house.

Shirley would see to it that we all helped, and afterwards she had a treat for us. Our treat was popcorn in our own bag (there was seven of us so “our OWN bag” was important) Along with the popcorn,  Shirley would mix up and make cold chocolate milk and pour it in a washed coke bottle. Boy was it good! We all looked forward to this treat. Now for those of you not sure about a chocolate soda, think Yoo-hoo (and if you have not had a Yoo-hoo before, I suggest you stop reading and hurry to the nearest store!)

about_bottle_1955     about_bottle_1970

As I continued to drive, I realized I had never thanked Shirley for the treats. Then I looked around and realized how I fail to thank the Lord for “His treats.” Like the rain yesterday, or the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

What about our “treats of people” God made. Each of us are different and special. Our gifts are just that- gifts! Yet another “treat” from above. Our friends, family, health, and homes are “big treats.” Then there are the little things every day that go unnoticed. Have you really stopped and thanked Him for them?

We should even give thanks for our jobs. There are a lot of people without jobs, and we should be thankful that we have one. It wouldn’t be out of line to send your boss a thank you note or bring breakfast for the whole crew in honor of your boss? How can we show our thankfulness to God and to those around us?

Isn’t it time to stop what we are doing and really acknowledge with a thankful and grateful heart all that we have been given? I know this list is short of things we need to be thankful for, so I thought I would let you help me out! What is something you are thankful for?

Big or small, the point is…have YOU thanked God for all of “His Treats?”

When we get finished thanking God, let’s start calling the folks who have made a difference in our lives.

“Hello, Shirley. I want to thank you…”


My sister Shirley

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