The Greatest Gift

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I check my e-mail everyday, and I received an e-mail yesterday from our good friend, Buddy Smith, Vice President of AFA, who was sending me an e-mail that he had received at the radio station. 


Pictured: Buddy Smith, Vice President of AFA, and his lovely wife Carol


This is not a prayer request but I don’t see another option for contacting you. We are vacationing in Branson, MO. We ate breakfast today at Denney’s. How delighted I was to see the waitress staff wearing your Christmas pins!!! A girl said that someone came by & gave the pins to everyone. How delightful! Also, I saw a pin on one of the greeters at the show we attended last night. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Becky LIMG_1849


Now read Buddy’s response to the letter:


Hello Becky,

Greetings from American Family Association!

Thank you for taking the time to share the Branson Christmas button story with AFA. As the late Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story. We have churches who annually use our Christmas buttons for a major evangelism push during the Christmas season. One such church is Enon Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Ackerman, Mississippi. The pastor at Enon, Rev. Jerry Lawson, ordered 2500 buttons this year. He started by covering Choctaw County, Mississippi, and extended the button mission recently with a group of friends to Branson. So, now you know the rest of the story. Brother Jerry loves Jesus and can’t stop spreading the Good News! May we all follow his example to share with someone today that Jesus loves them.

What a blessing to know that AFA has a part in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas!



This is Jerry holding one of the pins that he will give away today.  Jerry expects to give away pins each and every day during Christmas time.  He wants everyone to know that Jesus came to bring “light” to a dark place, hope where there is no hope, happiness where there is sorry, and comfort to those who are hurting.

While in Branson with 3 other couples we all made it part of our daily routine to give away as many buttons as we could.  We each looked forward to seeing how many we could pass out each day.  In total we passed out over 80 buttons on our vacation in Branson.

Jerry makes it a habit of sharing Jesus each and every day – not just at Christmas time.  The AFA buttons sure help him in spreading Jesus, and people enjoy getting them and wearing them.

You see, a simple button can be so much more. When we share the love of Christ with others year round, but especially in this season, we are sharing hope. We love them by sharing the greatest gift, which provides their greatest need.

The best way to explain what I mean, is to share with you a quote from a Christmas card we got a couple of years ago…

“If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent an educator.  If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist.  If our greatest need had been money God would have sent us an economist.  But since our greatest need was forgiveness, God sent us a Savior” – Roy Lesin.

This season, share with someone…You could always start with a button! And now you know just the man to see about getting some! Merry Christmas to each of you, and God Bless You.

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