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It was 2011…



An invitation to what? A new national Plexus Headquarters?!

You bet I will be there! I remember the very 1st Emerald Trip, and the destination was the home office here in Scottsdale, Arizona to tour the “new office building.” Corporate had moved from what they called “the closet” to the new office building. “Room for everyone! We will be here a long time!” corporate said. But who knew that Plexus sales would not just grow, but skyrocket?

So just a year and half later, in 2013, I was invited back to the ribbon cutting ceremony of a new construction of offices, which consisted of a big room for customer service, many offices and empty offices to grow into, and a huge warehouse, half of which wasn’t even used.

Fast forward 2 years to today. Just 2 years later, I get another invite for a ground breaking ceremony for the new national Plexus Headquarters with over 70,000 square feet of space! At completion, we will have over 100,000 square feet!! And no wonder Plexus sales has gone from less than $1 million in annual revenue four years ago, to MORE THAN $300 MILLION in 2014.




Making this trip with me were many other Diamonds and ambassador board members. I will cherish this time we had together. We shared stories of how they joined Plexus, what Plexus has done for them as a product and as a business. These Diamond friends are extremely special to me. They are very real and passionate about Plexus.

I treasure each of them and their friendship.


April 7th will mark 5 years for me being a part of Plexus, and what an adventure it has been! I remember back to the “closet office” as Serena called it, which was a very small office was still in operation. It was small, but with just 6 people there, you didn’t need much (6, which included Tarl and Alfred).

The staff not only wore the hats of communications manager, office manager, customer service, accounting, mailman, billing and communication, they also were doing jobs like filling the orders, making the labels, and making 3 day packages by hand.

At the end of the day Serena would load up all the orders and go to the post office and mail the orders off. Can you imagine the excitement when the post office started coming to them to pick up packages? You name it, these guys did it!


While, we (ambassadors) were on the road talking about Plexus and sharing and sponsoring people, the home office supported us. Many times, we would call in and they would put all our customer orders in the computer for us and even add new ambassadors that signed up at our meetings.

Plexus employees rock! They work at beating their own record-breaking records. That’s why we have the growth. Plexus employees and ambassadors working side by side to build this thing called “Plexus”.


We Ambassadors are funny, if you ask us about Plexus more than likely you will hear “let me tell you what the products have done for me.” oh let me tell you about my husband, my friend, etc. We are all about the products! Now don’t get me wrong, the paychecks are awesome (not giving any of those back) but the reward for helping people far out shadows anything that I could ever imagine. Helping people get their health back, helping with weight issues, and helping people get a check. Face it, where I live four or five hundred extra dollars a month is a huge deal, and for me at the beginning just having that little extra was the goal, but like so many others, I have seen that goal met and achieved things far beyond what I would have ever dreamed was even possible- financial security! I love to hear that Ambassadors don’t have to worry any more if they have enough in their account to buy groceries this week. I love to hear if their child needs shoes that they can go buy them without deciding which bill do they wait on to pay. And I love to hear my friends getting to quit their job, support their families, or reach their biggest dreams!!

Yes, I am excited about being in Scottsdale for this awesome ground breaking day! Let’s make it your ground-breaking day too…for a new adventure, new journey to wellness, weight loss, and/or wealth!!

Check out the official Plexus Groundbreaking Video here!

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