Top 6 Home-Based Businesses

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Top 6 Home-Based BusinessesWorking from home allows people the chance to set their own rules, follow their dreams and be their own boss. The opportunity to be as creative or as laid back as you want in a personal environment is very desirable. I should know because I have taken the leap to working at home.

Home-based businesses are not for “lazy” people. Most small businesses, and even those that have grown into large corporations, started in a home office. Plus, with not many overhead costs, it can be much cheaper to do business this way.

If you are looking to open your own at-home business, here are the top 6 according to allBusiness’ article, “The Top 25 Home Based Business Ideas“.


Personal Trainer – you should be licensed for credibility in this field as well as have a background in fitness.

Yoga Instruction – living a healthy lifestyle is a must nowadays. Yoga has proven to be successful at centering and de-stressing.

Tutoring – with the high demands of students these days, tutoring is essential for those who are struggling.

Child Care Services – depending on your state, you might have to register yourself if you exceed a certain amount of children.

Business Coaching – have a business degree and strong background but no desire to work in the field? Offering advice and assistance to other companies is a great idea to do at home.

Consulting – with this job, you help other businesses analyze reports, identify problems, set target goals and so forth. For this, you would just need a computer and telephone.


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