What to Look For in a Home-Based Business

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What to Look For in a Home-Based Business

We are definitely living in an era where it is possible to make a good living from the confines of your own home. Nearly 20 percent of new small businesses are started and solely operated out of the home.

If starting an at-home business is your priority, I have compiled a list of what to look for. These tips are pertaining to what you’ll need to think about before starting your home-based business.


1. If you plan on starting from scratch, I suggest determining your passion. Who are you trying to target in your marketing plan? What do you want to center your business around?

2. If you plan on purchasing a franchise, consult with the Better Business Bureau or check the Consumer Guide to Buying A Franchise on the U.S. Small Business Administration website at sba.gov.

3. After you have chosen the theme of your business, it’s time to set the foundation. Where in your home will you conduct your business? Will you plan on working full or part-time? Will you employ other people and will they need space?

4. Set a timeline of initial planning to going live with your business. How do you want to advertise your business? Who is your intended audience?

5. This step is optional, but might prove to be very beneficial to you. You can search for other successful home-based businesses and consult on what works and what doesn’t when working from home.

6. Now it’s time to think of cost. Eventually you’ll want to finance your business with a licensed banking institution, but now is the time to think about start-up costs.


Once you have factored in the basics you can begin to put your plan in motion. With my home-based business, I have learned all of the wonderful benefits of working from home and I believe with hard work and perseverance, you can be successful too.


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