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Why do I need Plexus

Congratulations! You have made a wonderful decision to take Plexus! First thing you need to do is TAKE YOUR “BEFORE” PICTURE! This important step is something so many people forget to do. I cannot tell you how important this step is for your weight loss success and for you financial success in Plexus! Right after you take your “before” picture, get your measurements! Sometimes you can see more results with your measurements than with the scale.

Second, I want you to take this little quiz. It is a self-evaluation of your current health and financial position. Read each and circle any that apply to you.

High Blood Pressure                               Swollen, Damaged Joints

Acid Reflux                                             Inflammation

Sleeplessness                                          Depression

Loss of Energy                                        Sugar Cravings

High Cholesterol                                    Need to lose ___lbs

Fibromyalgia                                          Wake up Tired

Chronic Pain                                          Low Blood Sugar

Candida                                                 High Blood Sugar

Uncontrollable Appetite

Now that you’ve identified your current physical health, let’s look at your financial health. Circle all that apply.

Get Plexus products at wholesale                   Replace my full-time job

Add an extra $200 to family income              Replace my part-time job

Replace my spouse’s part time job                Take my family on vacation

Pay my children’s college tuition                    Get out of debt


Keep up with you “Why I need Plexus” quiz along with your “before” picture and measurements. Every month look back at this and see what areas have improved. Then share with others what Plexus has done for you!

Date ___________

Weight ______

Measurements        Chest____ Waist _____ Hips_____ Thighs _____



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  • Linda Smith,

    I am so excited to be a part of the Plexus team. not only for the weight loss and health,but for the extra income.
    Also they are so many of my family and friends that need to loose weight and begin taking better care of their self. My neice Paige Jenkins got me started. she got on board about two months ago and is looking and feeling much better. when i saw her results i was reasy to sign. thanks plexus for a new improved healthy life style.

    Linda K smith

    September 25, 2013
  • Lindat,

    Hi DEB!!! I was unable to take the Plexus quiz on this page. Where can I take it? LOVE YA’! Linda Tullos

    November 8, 2013

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