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I am excited to be on this journey with you living more abundantly  to make your goals a reality! Welcome to my site. I would like to introduce myself and give you some helpful tips as you get started with Plexus!

I’m a pastor’s wife and have enjoyed ministering with my husband, Jerry, over the past 40 years. We are both from Arkansas, and have lived in Mississippi for the past 23 years. Jerry and I have two children and most importantly five grandchildren!  I love to garden and shop for antiques. But we are most passionate about is sharing Hope. Hope for a better life, from the Plexus products, to our conversations we hope to inspire abundant living ..spiritually, physically, and financial goals.

This is me at my highest weight! My self-esteem had hit rock bottom. I had given up on myself and the idea of ever losing weight. I had tried every diet you can imagine… Ever tried the cabbage soup diet? All you can eat cabbage soup…I was really excited about that until I just couldn't eat one. more. bowl. Diet Pills. Slim Fast, grapefruit diet…you name it I had tired it!

A friend gave me a sip of the “Pink Drink”. Just a little packet that looks like crystal lite. Simply pour in a bottle of water…shake it…drink it and you can enjoy the benefits of Plexus Slim.

I thought, get out of here! There is no way. I had sucker written across my forehead and thought, why not?

I shared the info with my hubby and he decided he would try it as well. He read on the website that it helps with blood sugar. He was taking 4 insulin shots a day and this part really intrigued him.

3 weeks into take the “Pink Drink” I lost a little bit of weight but lots of inches. Jerry noticed his pants being loose and his blood sugar numbers coming down.

13 years later…Yep we still drink the Pink Drink with great health results not only for us, but our family and friends health has improved as well.

You could say, I am getting paid to lose weight …..that’s a first! Jerry and I feel better now than we did 13 years ago.

If you are struggling like I was….Stop….take the plunge and let me show you how you too can be your healthiest.

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